successful in producing a desired or intended result

the art or action of conceiving of and producing a plan or drawing of something before it is made

a new method, idea, product, etc.

We are a highly effective, results focused innovation design and engineering consultancy.
With a very strong background in product development, we excel at bringing your new idea to life. Our core capabilities in physical products and electrical appliances from genesis through development to launch make us a robust choice to realise your product dreams.

Axiom K offers product development, design engineering and R&D management consulting services.
With driven curiosity and a results focus, insightful value delivery is core to everything we do.
With an amazing network of industrial designers, design and project engineers, patent attorneys and manufacturing partners we can take a concept through to market readiness with well practised hands.

We are a connected network of friends, collaborators and co-conspirators.
We believe in recognizing each others talents, that our diversity makes us stronger, and that transparency builds trust.

Maxim K Guyatt
Founder, director of Axiom K.
Previously Head of Engineering of iconic Australian appliances brand – Sunbeam. Part of product teams winning 3 Australian Design Awards, inventor and co-inventor on almost 50 patent filings in national jurisdictions with 9 granted patents.

These network partners add to the combined experience that Axiom K can draw upon to ensure that your project gets the experience and talent it needs to succeed.

Cognitive Ink
Independent strategy, research and design studio that helps companies think more creatively to solve problems more effectively.

Deep Dish Engineering
Project engineering, play makers.

Design engineering, custom machines.

Mark Whitcombe
Industrial and graphic design, forms for humans.

All work we do for clients remains under wraps till it hits the market.

We’re going to try to get a few self-seeded projects up and on here soon to share our work.


ABN: 44 957 769 301